Summit LearningEducational Therapy

Educational therapy is individualized academic support for students with learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, and more. It enables students to develop the necessary skills and strategies to be successful learners in a classroom environment. An educational therapist works with the parents, teachers, and other professionals on the learning team to help students set attainable learning goals and accommodations. Educational therapists provide targeted one-on-one support, conduct informal skills assessments, and utilize innovative therapeutic techniques to meet the needs of each unique student. Educational therapy aims to identify students' strengths and weaknesses and helps to overcome skill deficits by providing students with tools to become lifelong learners. The ultimate goal is for students to develop strategies to help them not only enjoy learning, but also perform at their highest academic potential.

Skills Addressed:

Summit LearningExecutive Function Support

Executive function skills are a set cognitive skills that include organization, planning, self-control, time management, memory, and more. Adults and students use these skills every day to be successful at school, work, and home. Your executive function skills are like the CEO of the brain, responsible for getting things done efficiently and effectively. Many learners struggle with these skills because they are not intuitive and are often not explicitly taught in schools. If your student struggles with following directions, completing and managing big projects, prioritizing their time, and remembering important things, executive function coaching could be the solution. Executive function coaching aims to work with the student to accurately assess and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in order to teach new strategies and systems to better manage their learning. The goal of executive function coaching is to provide students with the tool and strategies they need to be successful, independent learners.

Skills Addressed:

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Planning & Prioritization
  • Attention & Focus
  • Working Memory
  • Perseverance & Self-Reflection

Summit LearningVirtual Dyslexia Remediation


    Save time driving from place to place through sessions in the comfort of your own home


    Explicit phonics instruction utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach


    Same engaging and accessible lessons using a variety of multi-sensory instructional modalities, including specialized resources we send directly to you

Summit LearningParent Coaching

Do any of these statements describe your current situation?

  • Our nightly homework time is a disaster. I need help setting up an effective routine.

  • My reader is struggling. I would love some tips for activities to try at home to boost reading skills.

  • I want to help my middle schooler develop executive function skills, but I don’t know how to.

  • I don't understand my child's diagnosis and evaluation. I'd like to better understand them as a learner.

If so, parent coaching is for you!

Parent coaching provides a space for you to discuss your struggles and collaboratively brainstorm effective solutions and strategies to try at home with your child. Not only will you receive countless resources, strategies, and systems to use at home, you will have the accountability to follow through on making those changes.