Our Team

Hannah Ross

Founder & Educational Therapist

About Hannah

Hannah is a Pepperdine graduate and former classroom teacher who joined the field of educational therapy after noticing many students who were not receiving the support they needed to be successful learners within the school system. She is Orton-Gillingham trained and particularly enjoys working with students with dyslexia and reading challenges. Hannah believes that all students can learn and succeed when given the individualized support they need. Her ultimate goal is to make learning fun, engaging and accessible for all. She currently serves as vice-president of the International Dyslexia Association of Los Angeles.

Gal Sharony

Virtual Learning Specialist & Executive Function Coach

About Gal

Gal, a native Chilean, who was raised in Florida has her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders and her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She also has experience traveling the world teaching English and Spanish and assisting students with a variety of special needs. She has extensive experience working in both Los Angeles and New York as an educational specialist and has training in executive function skills programs, the Lindamood-Bell ® program, and many other curriculums. She seeks to create meaningful connections with families and aid her students in bringing joy to their learning journeys.

Gaby Mendez

Educational Therapist

About Gaby

Gabriela earned her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development, as well as Master’s in Educational Therapy from California State University, Northridge. She is passionate about working with students with diverse needs and has worked as a behavioral therapist, inclusive preschool teacher, early childhood interventionist, and special needs caregiver. Gabriela has experience working with students with a diverse range of learning needs including dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, autism, speech disorders, and processing disorders and is trained in the Orton-Gillingham reading approach. She loves tailoring her sessions to meet each student’s individual learning needs, while making learning fun and engaging, as she helps her students overcome their challenges.

Julia Gabbayan

Educational Therapist

About Julia

Julia graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sociology & Elementary Education from the University of Colorado. She has experience teaching Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade in private schools throughout Los Angeles. During the pandemic, she homeschooled a pod of 3rd graders, where she fell in love with providing 1-on-1 support for students. She earned her Certificate of Educational Therapy from the University of California Riverside and is trained in Orton-Gillingham reading instruction. She has a deep passion for helping children become confident, successful learners and prides herself on building a strong rapport with her students.

Katie Anema

Reading Specialist & Counselor

About Katie

Katie studied Psychology & Theology and went on to earn her Masters in K-12 Counseling & PPS Credential. She has worked in the school setting as both a counselor and a teacher. Katie loves to build connections with her students by creating an engaging playful environment, fostering a love of learning. She is a talented reading specialist with Orton-Gillingham training and approaches sessions with the belief that each student is unique and has the ability to thrive with connection and consistency. Katie's passion is helping students overcome challenges in and out of the classroom.

Catherine Stewart

Educational Therapist

About Catherine

Catherine was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Development and Psychology, respectively, and is also a professionally certified Educational Therapist. Catherine has taken the roles of teacher, researcher, behavioral therapist, academic coach, and learning specialist. Much of her work has included lesson planning, interpreting neuropsychological testing, executive functioning coaching, and supporting students with diagnosed learning disabilities. She is a strong believer in a growth mindset and the power of individualized learning

Niko Arredondo

Educational Therapist

About Niko

Niko earned his Bachelor's degree in History, continuing on to California State Northridge to earn his Master’s in Special Education with an emphasis in Educational Therapy. He has experience working as a behavior interventionist, supporting a diverse range of students with learning disabilities, in particular students with Autism. Within Niko's educational therapy sessions, he utilizes his strength of identifying students’ different areas of need to create tailored psycho-educational goals for his students to work towards. Niko builds strong rapport with his students by tapping into their unique interests and strengths.

Jill Bodie

Educational Therapist

About Jill

Jill worked in education as a high school teacher for 5 years. In addition to teaching she has experience as a crisis counsellor to youth with mental health struggles, a parenting coach, and a coach to individuals struggling with ADHD, making her an expert in executive function. Jill continued her personal learning with a Masters in Educational Therapy and Orton-Gillingham training. She is passionate about helping bright students who need tailored learning to be successful in school and in life. She enjoys supporting students emotionally while helping them develop essential skills in the areas of executive function, reading and more.


Therapy Pup

About Kaz

Kazansky "Kaz" Ross is our resident pup and summit specialist. There's no hike too long or mountain too tall for Kaz to summit! This mini Aussie also loves eating treats from friends and belly rubs when he stops by the Summit Learning Center.

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